The Blog

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love to cook and bake (and that I do so pretty well). In lieu of my pipe dream to open a restaurant or a bakery I decided to start a blog. Narrowing down a theme was difficult at first. I am a vegetarian so cooking with compassion came to mind, but it didn’t feel right. I thought about what I love about food and cooking/baking. And like most good ideas, it practically hit me on the head all of a sudden. I was online shopping for a waffle maker and discussing how dearly I loved breakfast foods with my boyfriend. Duh- I LOVE BREAKFAST FOODS!

Why do I love breakfast so? Well, where to start? Obviously, there are delicious possibilities. I always start of the morning deciding whether I am in the mood for sweet or savory and go from there. Moreover, breakfast is special! People do not often take the time to make a good homemade breakfast. Yet, it feels wonderful to experience one. One of the best feelings I can think of is waking up to the smell of breakfast in your house. My Dad was always the breakfast maker in our house, and now it’s my turn. I love getting up, starting the coffee and creating delectable treats and foods to brighten everyone’s day. Breakfast is so important- it starts your day, your metabolism, makes you feel taken care of, fills your house with wonderful smells, and the foods are next to heaven!

The Girl

Above all I am a mama to my beautiful and amazing baby boy, Elijah Nikolaos, aka Buggie. I also happen to be an artist and art teacher. I love reading, living in the city (Philadelphia), family/friends, animals, Audrey Hepburn, The Phillies,  old movies, and clearly I love cooking and baking, especially breakfast!